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MiQuizMaker creates a series of randomized quizzes in QTI .zip file format for upload to programs such as Canvas. Using MiQuizMaker, you can develop a quiz that contains any number of true/false, calculation-based, and other types of questions. You can also create randomized quizzes so that each student in your class has a unique quiz, severely reducing the incentive for answer sharing.
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What types of unique quizzes get generated?

MiQuizMaker allows you to enter questions and assemble those questions in any order. You can also add additional information for each question so that you can generate multiple quiz versions from the same information


Enter a bank of true/false questions, then pick a limited number of questions from that group.

Example: enter 20 questions and randomly pick 5.

Multiple Choice

Enter any number of problem statements, correct answers, and incorrect answers. Unique questions are generated from that information.

Example: for a 4-choice question, enter 2 different problem statements, 3 correct answers, and 10 incorrect answers. Up to 300 unique questions are generated!


Enter variable names, problem statement versions, and solution equations. Up to 300 unique questions can be generated.

Example: enter ranges for the variables t (time) and v (velocity). Generate up to 300 unique questions and answers for the distance traveled.

Fill in the Blank

Enter any number of problem statements and correct answers. Note that the answers must match exactly.

Example: list the honor code and have students enter “I agree,” “yes,” and other positive statements.

File Upload

Permits students to upload a PDF file for their answer or to show their work.

Example: have students upload the work they have done on a quiz to receive partial credit for any incorrect answers.

Which types of assessments can I replace in my course with this tool?

You can use MiQuizMaker to generate questions for homework problems, quizzes or tests. The questions/quizzes can then be loaded into tools such as Canvas, and the students can access the questions and get immediate feedback once completed (i.e., they are automatically graded). You can replace all your homework, exams, and even the final with this format!

How do I create a quiz?

To create a quiz, login to MiQuizMaker (any UM email address will work), then click on “My Quizzes” in the header and then on “+” below the list of your quizzes. Enter a name for your quiz and then click “+” to add a question and “Save Question” when you have added in all the information. Add as many questions as you want, and change the order of the questions by grabbing and dragging the six dots. When you are done with all your questions, click “Save.” That’s it! You can edit your quiz at any time by clicking on “View/Edit” for that quiz, and then editing the individual questions. You can preview your quiz by clicking on the “Build/View” slide button, and you can click the refresh icon to repeatedly generate a new version of the quiz.

How do I load the quiz into a program such as Canvas?

From “My Quizzes,” click “Export QTI” and a QTI .zip file will be generated. This file contains all the information you entered into MiQuizMaker in a format that Canvas can understand. Go to the course home page in Canvas and click on “Import Existing Content” on the top right side. For content type, select QTI .zip File, then choose the file you just created and click “Import.” If you want to load the quiz in the New Quizzes format, be sure to check that box. Once it lists the job as completed, you should see your quiz in your list of quizzes in Canvas (i.e., clicking on “Quizzes” from the menu list on the left).

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